In order to escape, an android must pass for human. A science fiction short story.

I pushed the slice of chocolate cake across the table toward her. She had been eyeing it keenly since the blushing waitress delivered it from the glass display.

“Take it,” I said.

It was Adina’s first trip out into the human world. …

Love is a memory AI can read. A science fiction short story.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Henry fumbled in the depths of his pocket, relieved to find Kate’s heart-shaped locket still there. His thumb traced the dent it had sustained when she stumbled on Tower Bridge.

No, don’t think about that, he chided himself. Focus on her smile.

That smile had won his heart at Reuben’s…

A young girl battles a giant robot to recover the last souvenir of her mother. A science fiction short story.

Eppie jumped from the great hulk of dead robot, nimble as a cat, and landed in the earthy crater it had made with its stamping foot. She picked up the locket glinting in the dirt. It had fallen from the behemoth’s hand when it toppled, the result of Eppie driving…

A poem about love, determination, courage, and pride.

Image © Anna Ismagilova (licensed via Adobe Stock)

The shapes and colours of my dreams
are ever changing, like me,
it seems,
tinting my world
from black and white,
teaching my heart
wrong from right

They show me love,
or dreams of it,
enough to grasp,
or confiscate,
those precious moments
we have shared,
the thrills which
left me unprepared…

An old man finds happiness in a barn full of memories. A short story.

Arthur stood, staring at the shadowed guts of the old barn, and wound the rag around his bleeding forearm. A four-inch wound from the rusty nail on the barn door had resulted from his hurry to get in.

He ignored the pain, instead he focused on the sagging beam from…

Love framed — a short story of the supernatural

Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

“The Marigold.”

The voice meeting my ear was velvet. Almost a purr. Though unmistakably professional.

This was the third painting on my tour through the gallery. The sales assistant accompanied me as I perused the expensive art. Her companionship was not unwelcome.

“Hello, I’m Julie,” were her first words to…

When love isn’t going so well. A poem

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Her eyes were moist
they’d journeyed far
A long road by heart
some miles by car

He reached out to her
in such clumsy fashion
She mistook it for anger
he was caught up with passion

He begged her to stay
yet gave her scant reason
to hold him so dear,
his words…

Hunter and prey are sometimes hard to distinguish. A short story.

She sat on the sofa, a short distance from him geographically, but an ocean away from where she wanted to be.

Speaking of oceans, he still smelled of sea salt and motor boat fuel. And the rubber of his diving suit. And of aftershave and sweat.

She sipped the edge…

Room available now. No need to leave a forwarding address. A short story.

The people in apartment 4B disappeared overnight. Nobody realised at first, of course. This is New York. I’d been here six months, and though I’m British, I learned quickly that you don’t talk to your neighbours unless it’s completely unavoidable. Or maybe that was just my policy. It doesn’t matter.

And I think he knows it.

Everywhere, all over the internet, are funny cats. They infiltrate YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, now TikTok. And I love them. They’re hilarious.

I’m baffled by the intelligence of some felines, and the stupidity of others. …

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